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Don't Stop There, Chapter 1, Supernatural, Dean/Sam, Rated R

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Jul. 28th, 2007 | 04:17 pm
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TITLE: Don’t Stop There, Chapter 1
AUTHOR: jacenssacrifice
FANDOM: Supernatural
CHARACTERS: Dean Winchester, Sam Winchester
WARNINGS: M/M sexual activity; bad language.
DISCLAIMERS: I do not own or profit from the characters; this is fanfiction and intended for adults only.
SUMMARY: Dean and Sam can’t seem to stop anywhere without strange things happening to them.

Don’t Stop There, Chapter 1



“You okay.”

“Sure, Sam.”

“You don’t look okay.”

“Just keep your eyes on the road, Sam.”

Dean Winchester was slumped down in the passenger seat of the Impala, head leaned against the cool window and feet braced wide apart to keep himself from jostling too much. He had a hangover. A bad hangover. The kind that made you think that your brain must surely be oozing out of the split in your skull. The kind that made your stomach feel like it had permanently moved up into your throat and was currently occupied by hot razor sharp knives. The kind that made you swear you’d never put another drop of alcohol into your body.

And everything was moving sideways. That was almost worst of all. Dean had clamped his mouth shut more than once, on the verge of making a few nasty remarks about Sam’s driving. But it wasn’t Sam’s driving, it was Dean’s equilibrium that was screwing everything up.

Dean cracked an eye and looked at his brother. Both hands on the wheel, doing everything by the book. Serious look on his face. What a wuss.

“You want something, Dean?”


“You’re staring at me.”

“No I’m not.”

“Yes, you are. I’m psychic. I see all and know all.”

Dean snorted, then grabbed his head as pain shot through it.

“You don’t know shit and you sure as hell can’t drive.”

“And what is wrong with my driving? It’s getting you to where you want to go.”

“Yeah, in about a century.”

Sam swerved the car over and exited to a rest stop.

“Now what the hell are you doing, Sam?”

“I have to pee.”

“What’s wrong with the side of the road?”

“With all that traffic? Besides, we need to get off the Interstate. It isn’t like the Impala doesn’t stick out like a sore thumb. And you are a dangerous criminal.”

“Fuck you.”

“We’ll see about that later.”

Sam parked the Impala in a shady spot, then got out and stretched. He leaned over to look back in the car at his brother.

“You getting out?”


“Suit yourself.”

Sam slammed the driver’s side door, smirking as he heard the muffled cursing.

He looked around a moment and then headed towards the wooden building that housed the restrooms. He glanced back but Dean’s head against the passenger side window was still.

Dean had been trying to drink himself into oblivion for the past three days. Anyone who had less than a year to live should be allowed a few indulgences. But there was a limit to Sam’s patience and riding with either a drunk Dean or a hung over Dean for three straight days was pushing it.

Of course, there could be the other thing too. Maybe that was worrying at Dean. It was sure messing with Sam’s mind. He paused at the door to the building and closed his eyes, remembering.

Dean had been laughing, at ease for the first time in days. They’d both had a few beers at a rundown side-of-the-road bar and Sam was finally feeling relaxed too. He’d reached over and grabbed his older brother by the back of the neck and kissed him on the mouth. Instead of punching him as Sam had immediately expected he would do, Dean had sat there with a dazed look on his face and Sam had kissed him again.

From there they’d went to a little groping and a little rubbing. It hadn’t taken much for either one of them. And the reason Sam couldn’t get it off his mind wasn’t because of it being wrong for brothers to do that but…because he wanted more. And he didn’t know how to say he wanted more and he sure as hell didn’t know how he was going to ask Dean for more. Shit, he wasn’t even sure he knew how to do what he thought he wanted to do to Dean.

Sam opened his eyes and stared at the dark wooden door that hopefully led to a nice clean restroom. As if things weren’t fucked up enough, now he had some kind of morbid sexual curiosity about his older brother. Maybe he was cursed and didn’t know it. Maybe that demon blood caused weird things to occur in his life. He didn’t have an answer for anything yet and, college or not, he was feeling pretty stupid at the moment.

He sighed and pushed open the door to the restroom. Fairly clean…didn’t smell too bad…toilet paper…and…the last person had actually flushed. Sam gave it a thumbs up. Turning he jiggled the lock until it clicked shut. Maybe nobody would run off with the Impala and Dean.

* * * * *

Dean rolled his head against the glass and wished whoever was making all the racket would quit. He peeled his eyes halfway open. He could see…green. Trees and bushes swaying in the wind, green grass, and…he turned his head slightly…geekboy’s restroom down a nice neat little path that ran from the parking lot.

Cautiously he raised his head. Aspirin. Maybe if he got him some aspirin and something to drink…wasn’t there a bottle of something rolling around in the trunk next to one of his gun cases? Leaning over carefully and trying to keep his head as still as possible, he pulled the keys out of the ignition.

Slowly he crawled out of the car, standing still for a few moments until everything stopped spinning. That was better. The ground wasn’t tilted near as much as it had been earlier. He walked around to the trunk and unlocked it. His eyes slowly and carefully scanned the contents…forgot to buy some more damn rock salt…until he spotted the bottle.

He reached carefully for it…shit, it was empty. Who the fuck left an empty bottle in the trunk? Dean scowled at it fiercely. Setting it to one side, he opened the side pocket of the medical kit and pulled out a bottle of aspirin. He poured four in his hand. Probably too many, didn’t it damage your kidneys or something? Now if Dean were living to a ripe old age…he’d worry. But in his current and most likely permanent situation…he didn’t give a fuck.

Snagging the empty bottle, he slammed the trunk lid, wincing at the sound, which was immediately echoed by thunder. That must have been what he kept hearing earlier. Turning he scanned the sky behind him, spotting the dark clouds rolling in from the east. Well, at least he thought it was the east. His inside radar was a little fucked up due to the throbbing hell that was his brain.

He tossed the empty bottle into a nearby trash bin, hearing it shatter as it hit bottom. He looked around him. Deserted. It appeared they had the place to themselves. He looked at the building and, groaning, began to make his way to it. At least the sun wasn’t frying his eyes anymore. Still couldn’t find his damn shades and Sam wouldn’t buy him any at the last stop.

There were snack machines in a small alcove to the side. He dug in his pocket and finally came up with some quarters. All the empty lights were on for the coke and bottled water, so he dropped the coins in the slot and punched the Dr. Pepper button. After several moments during which Dean wondered if he had the energy to beat up a soft drink machine, he heard the machine clank inside and the canned Dr. Pepper rolled out. And it was mercifully ice cold, thank you God.

He popped the top and took a swig before…damn it was cold…shoving the aspirin in his mouth and swallowing them quickly before they melted or stuck to the back of his tongue. A few more seconds and he’d finished the drink. Well, shit, now he did have to pee. He walked over to the men’s room door and paused, considering his options. Sam had been in there awhile…okay, to the ladies room. Walking to the other side, he shoved the door open.


Quickly doing what he needed to and washing his hands in the sink, he started out only to spot a small purse on the floor. Huh, somebody must have left it. He could see if it had ID in it. But then he’d have to mail it to whoever it belonged to…nah. If they wanted it bad enough they would’ve come back for it. Using the toe of his boot he shoved it further out of sight and then exited the restroom.

No Sam in sight. What was he doing, taking a bath in the sink? The dark clouds were almost overhead now and everything had darkened. The wind blew and leaves rustled across the parking lot. The Impala still sat by herself. Apparently this wasn’t a popular stop.

“Shit, we need to get on the road.”

He started walking back to the building when suddenly a shrill scream seemed to split the air. His froze, head snapping around and eyes scanning the woods to the west of the parking lot.

“Hey! Who’s there? Do you need help? Well, of course you fucking need help or you wouldn’t be screaming. Sam, come on!”

Hoping his brother heard him, Dean took off at a run towards where he thought the scream had come from. It didn’t take but a few seconds to be swallowed up in the trees, the rest stop not even in sight anymore.

“Hello? Where are you? Do you need help? Answer me!”

Dean slowly turned in a circle but could see nothing but green leaves and dark tree trunks, could hear nothing but the wind blowing and the far distant sound of cars on the interstate.

* * * * *

Sam let the door swing shut behind him, adjusted his jeans so that they hung just right.


He thought he’d heard someone calling.

Sam walked quickly to the car and saw immediately that it was empty. He looked around but couldn’t see his brother.


Walking back to the building, he went to the other restroom and knocked on the door.

“Dean, are you in there? Hello?”

He pushed the door open and looked inside. Empty. Would he have gone behind the building? Walking around it, Sam discovered a few picnic tables and a large map behind glass on the back wall showing the area they were in. But no Dean. Sam felt a cold tendril of fear coil up inside him. They’d gotten too lax the past few days, lowered their guard. Just because the yellow-eyed demon was dead didn’t mean there weren’t other dangers, other demons. He should have remembered that.

Sam’s long legs carried him quickly back to the parking lot.


This time Sam heard an answering shout somewhere to his right.

“Dean! Where are you?”

Sam ran towards the woods, stumbling over a tree root.


“I’m here!”

They met up in a small clear spot. Dean was out of breath, face flushed.

“Dean…what the hell are you doing?”

“I heard…somebody scream.”

“Out here?”

Sam turned, looking all around.

“Yeah, and I’ve looked and called but…nothing.”

Sam looked at Dean, hands on his hips. Then he laughed and shook his head.

“Dean…you were just dreaming, that’s all.”

“I was not! You were taking your sweet time in the restroom and I got out to get a drink. heard someone scream.

“Maybe…it was some kind of animal?”

“No, Sam. I know the difference between an animal and a human scream.”

There was a big boom of thunder and a flash of lightning. It had grown considerably darker the last few minutes, storm clouds rolling darkly over. Sam looked up at the trees.

“Maybe we need to get back to the car before it starts to pour.”

Dean looked around, frustrated and worried.

“Yeah…but I just hate the thought of somebody being out here…”

Halfway back to the car they heard the sudden roar of an engine close by. Dean stopped and looked behind them.

“Hey, Sam…where’s that coming from? I didn’t see anything but woods.”

“I don’t know. Must be a road, we just didn’t go back far enough that way.”

The engine revved up for a moment, then the sound was going further away from them.

“Some kind of truck…

“Come on, Dean!”

Sam took off running just as the rain cam down. He made it to the car first and threw himself in the driver’s seat. Dean wrenched open the back door and climbed in, considerably wetter than his younger brother.

Sam looked at him and cackled with laughter.

“Got a little damp, huh, Dean.”

“Shut up. If you hadn’t taken so damn long in the bathroom we wouldn’t be stuck here.”

“Hey, I wasn’t the one running around out in the woods.”

The rain came down in sheets, turning everything a silvery gray. Lightning flickered madly here and there and the thunder rumbled so hard they could feel the vibrations in the car.

Dean sighed. Well, this sucked. At least his headache was gone. Now if he just wasn’t soaked he’d be doing okay. He pulled his wet t-shirt off and tossed it on the floorboard and then pulled his duffel bag out from under Sam’s and started digging for a dry shirt. Sam looked back at him.

“What’re you doing?”

He had a funny sound in his voice and Dean looked up at him.

“I’m looking for a dry shirt, brain.”


Sam watched him through his slanted green eyes, opening and closing his mouth a few times as if he wanted to say something.

Dean finally pulled an old faded blue shirt out and threw the bag to the side.

“Looks like it might rain for a while, Sam.”

“What…oh, yeah, I guess it does.”

“Sam…do you…do you want to get back here with me? I know there’s not much room but…”

Dean looked up and Sam was looking at him as if he’d just sprouted a third eye or something.

“Never mind…it was a bad idea…”

But then Sam was halfway over the back of the seat, snatching at the bags and throwing them up front to make more room. Then he was carefully climbing into the back with Dean.

“Now what?”

Dean stared at Sam in amusement.

“Well, I’m not sure, Sammy, I thought we’d kind of make it up as we go.”

“Sounds good.”

Then he was kissing Dean and the crazy world got even crazier ‘cause Dean thought this was the best thing that had ever happened to him and Sam hadn’t even got past his lips yet.

Tentively, Sam ran his fingers over Dean’s bare chest, pausing to rub at the hard nipples. Then his mouth was following his fingers, sucking gently, then harder.


Sam pulled away and looked at his brother’s flushed face.

“You like that, Dean? Tell me what you else you like.”

And Dean was reaching for him, kissing him like he was starving. He had one hand under the back of Sam’s shirt and the other cupping the bulge between his legs.


Then they were trying to get Sam’s boots and wet jeans off, Dean pausing along the way to touch and explore exposed skin. Somehow Sam ended up on the bottom with Dean straddling his hips and there was no denying how much they wanted each other.

Sam’s cock was so hard it was curving and Dean was looking at curiously.

“Shit, Sammy…I’m not sure I know what to do with all that…”

Sam groaned, arching up against his brother and trying to get more contact.

“Anything…anything’s good…”

Then Dean was lowering his mouth onto the head of Sam’s cock and everything else in the world seemed to go away. Nothing was left but the feel of Dean’s mouth on him, his tongue tracing lazy, hot trails up and down and around.


But instead of pulling away, Dean clamped down tighter, swallowing quickly when the hot liquid coated the back of his throat. He suckled gently until Sam started to whimper and grasped his hair, and then pulled off to flash a bright white grin at the younger man.

“Not bad if I do say so myself, Sammy boy.”


Sam stopped, took a deep breath before trying to speak again.

“I can’t believe you did that.”

“What? You didn’t like it?”

Sam grabbed Dean and pulled him in for a hot kiss. Dean tasted different and Sam’s cheeks flushed when he realized why.

“Okay, Sasquatch. No more playing until we find us dinner and a good motel room.”

Sam reached down and stroked Dean’s still hard cock encased in the tight faded jeans.

“What about this?”

“That, Sam…is your dessert.”

Laughing, Dean dodged Sam’s hands and hopped out of the car. He cursed when his booted feet hit the slick pavement and slipped. It was twilight and Dean looked around curiously at the still empty parking area. Lights had come on around the parking lot and a few near the building.

“Hey, Sam. You sure the exit didn’t have some kind of sign or something up? ‘Cause nobody’s stopped since we’ve been here and I know that was well over an hour ago.”

“I don’t see anything unless maybe it was knocked down or pushed to the side. Why would they close it anyway, the bathrooms worked. Maybe your mysterious screamer ran them off.”

“Hey, that’s not anything to joke about, Sam. I know what I heard.”

Sam slid out of the backseat, gingerly zipping up his jeans carefully.

“Well…maybe when we get back to town we can make an anonymous call to whatever they have for law enforcement around here, get ‘em to come look around.”

“I bet they won’t look around in the dark.”

“Dean…there’s not much else you can do.”

“I just wished I’d looked around more out there while it was still daylight.”

Sam opened the driver’s door and looked inquiringly at his brother.

“Me or you?”

“Me. I’m sick of your pansy-assed driving.”

Sam shook his head and hurried around to the passenger side, suddenly recalling Dean’s earlier comment about dinner and a motel room.

The Impala started with her familiar roar that quickly subsided to a purr. Dean sped out of the empty parking area and up the road that would put them back on the Interstate. As he merged into the traffic, Sam frowned, looking in the side mirror. Then he turned in his seat to look behind him.



“You see that vehicle coming out of the exit road?”

Dean looked in the mirror just as the vehicle merged into traffic behind them.

“I saw it.”

“Well…where’d it come from? It wasn’t at the rest stop.”

“Maybe they just exited and then changed their mind about stopping. Or come out of another road somewhere.”


“I can’t see what kind of vehicle it is, can you, Sam?”

Sam studied the lights two cars back.

“I can’t tell yet.”

“Well, looks like they’re coming around to pass anyway.”

Sam watched as the lights passed the vehicle behind them and then seemed to increase in speed and the vehicle blew past them, throwing up a heavy spray of water off the wet road. It sped past the big diesel rig in front of them and went out of sight.

“A truck, not light but beyond that I couldn’t tell what color for all the water.”

“Doesn’t matter anyway, Sam.”

“I guess not.”

“Look, Sam.”

There was a green sign proclaiming it was only two miles to Piper’s Creek.

“Maybe there’s a place to stay there.”

“Yeah, Dean. Some rinky dink flea bitten motel.”

“I can keep going. May be a while before we find something though.”

Sam glanced over at his brother, watching the flicker of headlights play across his face, and thinking about how Dean had looked when he’d been laughing earlier.

“No, we can check it out. See what’s there.”

“Piper’s Creek, here we come.”

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